Cbk buddy 

Am lucky the cbk is on point about us us citizens interests u dint allows bitcoins sale as we never had experience in bitcoins market.introduce it buddy we know how to take care,even if we will go broke the world will know it’s only becoz of hacking That us proud Kenyans subsaharan Africa was mistreated we will be able to mould a new Africa .Njoroge sir approve the bitcoins market it will be of importance to our modern Kenya 


Friends are as special as ones life.a good friend will always give deliver u to that thing thing that u desired .to be friends is very suit Simple as as saying we are friends but will be worth when one will count on friendship virtues achieved.

Facebook founder never had bad intentions with the nature he wanted friends  he needed good friends once u open an account with Facebook imagine u are a good friend to CEO Mark.Who can account on Marks success.


Relatively the second day of the week.I like see everybody in monday moods,no morale everybody fatigued about monday.after singing hymes and chorals we tend to forgተ of new second day of the week and instead take monday as the newest day of the week.somebody tell me why monday aint so good to business.EVERYBODY DESERVES A REST